Nursery Admissions; The Start of a New Chapter in Your Child’s Life

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The new year has set in and with its dawn come new beginnings and responsibilities. For parents with small kids, it might be time to look for a reputed nursery school to enroll their kids in. Since this is going to be the formative phase of the educational journey of a child, it is imperative for parents to look for the best school for the overall development of their child. 

Apart from the preschool or the Nursery class being the beginning of your child’s school journey, it also shapes the behaviour, learning, and thinking abilities of your child. Therefore, parents ought to invest their time researching which school to seek admission to for their wards. To make things smooth and easy for parents, here is a pivotal guide to help them choose the best school for their little ones.

Selecting The Most Suitable Nursery School

Here are some of the most pertinent points to consider when searching for the best nursery school for your child.


1. Skilled Teachers - Tackling toddlers is a skill not everyone is trained at. Sometimes, it gets difficult even for a mother to handle her child. Nursery teachers have been specially trained to not just educate toddlers but also handle their unpredictable and sometimes erratic behaviours. Therefore, the first thing to look for is the availability of qualified and skilled nursery teachers.


2. Infrastructure - A child’s surroundings play an equally important role in shaping his/her personality as is played by the teachers teaching him. From this viewpoint, it becomes important to choose a school that has well-maintained, clean, and serene infrastructure and surroundings or ambiance.


3. Curriculum - What a child is going to learn in class is decided by the curriculum. An easy-to-understand curriculum that incorporates playful methods of teaching is highly conducive to augmenting the comprehension ability of kids. Parents are, therefore, advised to evaluate the curriculum along with the methods of teaching the curriculum emphasizes.


4. Safety and Security - The premises of a school ought to mandatorily follow and implement all safety measures as per local laws. From a safe learning environment to safer playgrounds and equipment, every aspect needs to be up to the mark. As for the security of small children, kids in today’s world are too vulnerable to predators and miscreants. The onus of ensuring the safety of small children lies on the school.

Here Are the Best Schools to Consider

Being the capital of the nation, the Delhi NCR region is renowned as the hub of quality education for kids. In particular, Gurgaon is known to have some of the best nursery schools in India. However, with the mushroom growth of private schools in Gurgaon, parents find it difficult to choose the right school for their kids. To make the search easier for parents, it would be worthwhile to recommend one of the best private schools in Gurgaon. The G.D. Goenka Public School, Sector 48, Gurgaon, has had the best track record of nurturing kids in such a way that they grow up to be talented and responsible adolescents and adults.