Vision Missioin

VIPUL GARG, Chairman

Vipul Garg, Chairman


As India started to establish its own distinct identity in the world; as it started to open its doors to the world economy, as it started to position itself globally, it became important for the education system of the country to undergo a transformation. Our future generations had to be fully equipped to win on the global stage. For this it was imperative that their schooling be of international standards while keeping the Indian Value System intact. It was a daunting ambition.

In establishing G D Goenka Public School, Sector 48, Gurugram, the management had the vision of an ideal educational institute that would raise happy children with a social, moral and emotional fortitude. We were aware of the impact quality education has on society. Hence, our endeavour, from the very beginning, has been to create a positive enabling environment, a place, where children and their facilitators both can be happy. We understand that a happy individual is a constructive individual, who always believes in leaving a positive impact on society.

Aldous Huxley, famous English philosopher and writer who pioneered the study of Techniques to Develop Human Potential, was once asked about the most effective technique to transform a person’s life. His answer is fascinating. He said, “It’s a little embarrassing that after years and years of research, my best answer is – just be a little kinder.” More than a century later, his answer could not be more relevant today than in the previous century! That technology is going to be the game changer is inevitable. But how do we ensure that it does not become a destructive force? By aligning technology with humanity; And this is where key human values come into play. To show kindness, to feel empathy, to have gratitude, to care for others; is what we need to cultivate in our children today.

My constant thought revolves around how Goenkan students are perceived by people in the world outside. How would I want them to be known?

As founders, we wanted to build an institute that could have positive results for students, for parents and for teachers. We wanted to provide resources that would enhance humanness in children. And I feel a deep sense of satisfaction when I see this humanness being kept alive here at GDGPS sector 48 Gurgaon. While we are absolutely committed to preparing our children adequately for the technologically driven future, we are also ensuring that they develop creativity and wisdom that adapts to the ever changing reality.

As children grow to have faith in their own abilities, the will pave many new frontiers. The only problem is, they grow very fast ! With each passing year, they will grow a little more independent, a little more distant, a little more secretive and a little more buoyant! And no matter how much you hold on to them, they will eventually find their own path in life. As parents, it is our primary duty to equip them with abilities that are required to lead a happy life of value. We must remember that their future is in our hands. That goenkans are being received so well, as they step out of school to pursue higher education; and, to see them being perceived as credible beings, is a highly assuring. It is proof that we did create a bright future for them.

Fortunate are those who are able to make their passion their profession. When we love what we do, the thin line between work and passion melts. I consider myself fortunate to have been provided with an enabling and empowering environment in my growing up years because of which I could go on to pursue what I love. However, I feel more fortunate to see that the vision that I, along with other members of the management, started with, bloom so beautifully in the form of GDGPS Sector 48.

Our Vision

Education is the apprenticeship of life. Our vision is to provide value based education with new innovations and ideas so that our pupils grow into aesthetically rich, intellectually aware and integrated young people, capable of fulfilling their dreams and aspirations.

Our vision is to strengthen the basic foundation and thereafter allow the latent talent to fully develop. Creative energies need a caring and nurturing environment and this is what we endeavour to provide.

GDGPS Vision
GDGPS Mission

Our Mission

We embark on the mission of creating individuals who are confident about their potential and are goal oriented, sensitive to their environment and above all, co – creators of their own destiny. Our aim is to help a child realize his / her inner strength and give him a conducive environment to grow and evolve as a good social being and a global citizen.

At GDGPS, we aim to provide an academic environment which treats each child as unique individual and develops him / her to the maximum potential and to provide a variety of learning experiences which promote growth in all areas, be it the physical, intellectual, moral, emotional or social.

Our Motto

Keeping in mind our motto: “Higher, Stronger, Brighter”, we give our little ones the very best, each and every idyllic ambience, ideal location and pollution free environment for learning. All through, the emphasis is on closeness and togetherness just like in a family. Only the best is good enough to nurture the development of the child, through a long proven concept of harmonized instructions and a host of values that kindle the child’s curiosity and prepares him / her to face life with equanimity and élan.