How Does GD Goenka Help Students to Get Clarity About Their Careers?

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The true purpose of education is to cultivate knowledge in young minds and raise them into capable individuals who can lead our country from the forefront! Unlike the conventional forms of education that is centred on a result-driven approach, 21st century education is different. Instead of the destination, it focuses on the approach. It emphasizes talent building in a more holistic way. Modern educational forms cater to the mental, physical, emotional, intellectual and social needs of the children.

An all-inclusive approach to schooling enables the students to grow up into fine individuals and good decision-makers, giving them clarity about career and emotional intelligence. GD Goenka Public School, being one of the top CBSE affiliated schools in Gurgaon, follows the holistic method of education. They certify that the students develop in every area of their life and become happy and successful individuals.

How to Help Students to Decide On Their Careers?

Correct planning is essential for students to navigate the course of their career, and this process begins long before they take their initial steps toward it. The school here plays a significant role in helping students decide their career paths. When the curriculum designed by the school is a good combination of academic affairs and special programs focused on developing real-life skills, it leads the students to better academic performance as well as nourishes their cognitive process.

The top-ranking CBSE affiliated schools in Gurgaon have first-class teaching faculties that observe and encourage the uniqueness of each student triggering their area of interest and validating them to make a career in that subject where they find true passion. GD Goenka Public School also boasts the best nursery CBSE school in Gurgaon that brings to fruition; their flagship program IDM- I Discover Me, helping children to develop capabilities for a triumphant and satisfying life ahead. In a nutshell:

  The IDM provides the student with an opportunity for self-exploration, helping them find out which career they truly want.

  The IDM facilitates the senior-grade students with exposure to work industries through internships, field visits, expert sessions and so on, which gives them clarity in choosing their career.

  The IDM has an extension known as Portfolio that allows the students to keep their performance records and documents, which constitute their achievements in learning. This way helps the students to become self-motivated learners.


Q. Which teaching method does GD Goenka School follow?

A. GD Goenka Public school follows a more holistic approach to teaching.

Q. Can developmental programs help my child to do better in their studies?

A. Yes, the developmental programs will motivate your child to do better in their studies.

Q. Do the students need to go outside the school to participate in the social development programs?

A. No, the program happens internally, so students do not require to go outside.


Various developmental programs that GD Goenka Public School adopts alongside the educational curriculum provide insights to the students about different career options; it also helps them understand their inherent potential. Choose the best nursery CBSE School in Gurgaon and give your child the wings to fly.