Pre Schools in Gurgaon: Leveraging Play-based Learning for Effective Early Education

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Did you know? The brain shifts towards learning starting from about 18 months to 2 years. Yes, you read it right! As a result, what is taught to the kids in the initial years is likely to have a long-lasting impact on them. Therefore, parents enroll their little ones in the best pre schools in Gurgaon to ensure laying a solid academic foundation. In this blog, you will explore how the pre schools leverage play-based learning and prepare the children for future academic success. Let’s dive in!

What is Play-based Learning?

Play-based learning can be defined as an educational approach in which students learn through play and other enjoyable activities. It plays a pivotal role in motivating the kids, enhancing active engagement, and ensuring joyful discoveries. 

Free Play Vs. Guided Play

Free play is completely child-directed, flexible, and voluntary. In this case, kids pursue their own interests and the parents or teachers only act as an outside observer.

However, most pre schools in Gurgaon leverage guided play to ensure effective early education of the tiny tots. In guided play, the teachers have a more active role. It helps achieve better academic outcomes while enabling the kids to enjoy the process of learning. 

Components of Play-based Learning

  • Process-Focused

Play-based learning is all about the engaging journey and not the destination. While playing, children develop critical life skills like problem-solving, critical thinking, language skills, and more. 

  • Structured

The learning approach is directed by the teachers. They act as a mediator and help in selecting the right materials to deepen the understanding of the kids.

  • Imaginative

Make-believe activities and dramatic play are essential parts of play-based learning. It provides the students with the opportunity to create stories and express themselves. 

  • Exploratory

Play-based learning allows children to explore things around them and gain new insights. They get to learn about new objects, languages, social relationships, and much more. 

  • Entertaining

Entertainment is at the core of play-based learning. It focuses on delivering engaging and immersive learning experiences to the kids. 

Benefits of Play-based Learning

  • Cognitive Development

Play-based learning isn’t only about fun. It is also an approach that allows the children to ignore distractions and focus on the goal. Moreover, play enables the little ones to make connections between different objects and understand the world around them better. It improves brain functioning and boosts cognitive development. 

  • Motor Skills Development

In the pre schools, children learn to grab a pencil and draw, touch new objects and textures, balance building blocks, and build masterpieces using dough. All these activities help enhance the coordination and control abilities of the kids and develop their gross motor skills effectively.

  • Emotional and Social Development

Play-based learning creates a conducive environment that enables the children to grow emotionally and socially. They learn to interact and socialize with others. Moreover, they also learn to understand and regulate their emotions better.


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