Admissions in CBSE Schools Commencing - Time to Prep Up

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The majority of schools in India follow the March-April academic year, which means that the month of March marks the end of the current academic session, and the new one commences in the month of April. The process for admissions, however, starts as early as the dawn of the new year. Following this pattern, almost all the CBSE schools in Gurgaon are about to start the admission process for the academic session 2023-2024.


If you are a parent seeking class 11 admission 2022-23 for your ward, this is the apt time to start the search for the best school. Since it can be quite difficult to seek admission in Class 11 in a reputed school nowadays, therefore, access to the right guidance is indispensable. To have sufficient options open for your ward for admission into some of the best CBSE schools in Gurgaon, strengthen the following aspects of your child’s academics and personality.


Class 11th Admissions; Prepare Your Child in These Areas


The following factors have the maximum weightage for admission to class 11th of CBSE schools in India:

  • A Good Percentage of Marks in Class 10th - The academic record of a child counts the most in India when it comes to admission into a new school. Some of the best CBSE schools require a child to score well over 90 per cent in class 10th to be able to secure admission to class 11th. Therefore, ask your ward to ramp up his preparation for class 10th board examinations and secure excellent marks.

  • Good Command Over the English Language - Since the medium of instruction in CBSE schools pan India is English, a child seeking admission in these schools is expected to have a sound foundation in the English language. A child’s command over written English reflects in his/her marks in this subject in class 10. What he/she needs to focus on is the verbal aspect of the language. Train your child for fluency in spoken English and also work towards building his vocabulary.

  •  Sound Basic Conceptual Knowledge - Depending on which stream (Science, Commerce, or Humanities) a student is seeking admission in, he/she ought to have sound knowledge of the basic concepts of the relevant subjects in Class 10. For example, seeking admission in the Science stream would require a student to have clear concepts of Physics and Chemistry in Class 10th.

  •  Excellence in Extracurricular Activities - Besides a good academic record, participation and excelling in extracurricular events acts immensely in favour of a student seeking admission in class 11th in CBSE schools. Therefore, always encourage your ward to zealously participate in sports competitions and art-related events such as drama, singing, dancing, acting, etc.


Settle for The Best

Studies are undoubtedly an important part of school life. Equally important are other aspects that help nurture a child’s personality. From sports to extracurricular activities to creativity and innovation, a good school strives for the overall development of a child’s personality. To let the budding talent inside your child blossom into a beautiful and enchanting flower, choose a school that offers the best nurturing of his talent. For class 11 admission 2022-23 in a reputed CBSE school in Gurgaon, you may consider G.D. Goenka Public School, Sector 48, Gurgaon.