The FOUR Tenets

With roots of AUTHENTICITY growing into stems of CONNECTIVITY, flowers of PRODUCTIVITY bloom into fruits of POSSIBILITIES.

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About GDGPS, Sec 48

GD Goenka Public School, Sec 48 is arguably the front runner when it comes to academic excellence....
Based on the six principles of Learning Design – Alignment, Authenticity, Judgment, Feedback, Future-oriented and Holistic – the school’s pedagogical approach aims at an all-round development of students and encourages them to reflect, act and apply the learning in real-life scenarios.
By following a thoughtfully designed curriculum, the school infuses students with a constructive approach to learning. Itworks towards ensuring that each student becomes confident in dealing with life and write their own success stories, for others to emulate.
Our Curriculum
In the words of thinker & writer, Will Richardson, “We have to stop delivering the curriculum to kids. We have to start discovering it with them.” Our approach to designing curriculum and constructing teaching methods emphasise the importance of collaborative learning.
The school has incorporated co-curricular activities that teach life skills and inculcate values needed to become responsible citizens. Discover, adopt and refine – that is how we encourage students to build their learning and stay relevant in ever-changing times.
Our Collaborations
Exchange of information and learning methods enriches knowledge. That is why; we collaborate on a regular basis and have knowledge exchange programs with leading institutes of the world which helps us deliver a more refined process of teaching.
Our Alumni
We are proud of producing cultured and motivated leaders of tomorrow. Our alumni have gained widespread acceptance in to institutes of the world. Their exceptional talent has made a positive impact in the fields that they chosen to serve.
Principal’s Message
G D Goenka Public School, the most sought after best CBSE school in Gurgaon, is committed to innovation in education and future-readiness in pedagogical practices.
We provide the most nurturing educational experiences to students with continuous learning, unlearning and relearning of teaching methods keeping in mind a child’s holistic growth.
The goal of our school is to equip students with the knowledge, life skills and values that groom them into world-class leaders in the fields of their choice. Our school takes deep interest in understanding the learning requirements of all children and adopts an individualistic approach in teaching.
With the help of smart and learning- centric infrastructure, we have been able to develop our campus into a learner’s heaven and offer facilities that provide a stimulating environment.
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