GDGPS Sector 48, established in the year 2013, follows the CBSE curriculum. Nursery to Class XII is housed within the same campus, with separate areas dedicated for Foundational, Preparatory, Middle and Secondary years.

Nursery Admissions Gurgaon

Nursery is the entry level class in the preparatory level and is sure to witness great enthusiasm during Nursery Admissions in Gurgaon. We know you want the best for yourchild, and so, we go that extra mile in providing the best learning environment for your child. Right from giving individual attention, tocreating conditions conducive to collaborative learning, our pedagogical approach is entirely learner centered.

Nursery Admissions in Gurgaon at GDGPS Sec 48, the process is designed in a manner that is fair and transparent; aligning parents with the vision of the school.

Admission in Class 1 to Class 9

The school maintains an optimum student teacher ratio of 1:12. The first phase of the school admission in Gurgaon for an academic session opens in the month of August / September of the previous session. The second phase is from the month of January. Seats fallen vacant due to transfers, in a particular class / section, are offered to students seeking admittance during the course of the session. Our primary criteria for accepting an application for school admission in Gurgaon is based on the child meeting the age criteria. Priority is given in the following order:

  • Siblings of students currently enrolled
  • Siblings of students previously enrolled
  • Other students selected in application date order

Fostering a child’s character is the very heart of education. Hence, which school a child attends, becomes the most important decision that parents make. At GDGPS Sector 48 we keep the process of Nursery admissions and the admission in other classes such that you can have a clear and authentic view of our school. All valid applications are taken through Session by the School Principal during the process of school admission in Gurgaon.

The objective of the session is to give parents a deeper understanding of the true purpose of school education. Schooling is not just about raising children into upright young adults. It is about nurturing Whole Beings who are confident, independent, creative and carry a positive problem solving approach. How do we ensure that this purpose of education is achieved; what is the thought behind the creative and innovative school programs that make the curriculum implementation process effective; how every area of the ergonomically designed campus enhances a child’s learning process; how the specific requirements of each age group of children are met and how parents and school collaborate to make the longest years of a child’s life most fruitful and fulfilling; is addressed in the Session with the Principal.

An understanding of the objective of school education is then sought from the parent. To ensure that a child’s school journey is a happy one, a perfect alignment between school and parent is essential. A parent’s ability to reveal how, educating their ward at GDGPS Sector 48, is going to benefit their child and the community at large; is a crucial factor in accepting school admission in Gurgaon.

Class 11 admission 2023-24

The Class 11 admission for 2023-24 session starts typically in December – January. The students awaiting the results for Class X are provisionally admitted through selection process for Class 11 admission 2023-24.

Class 11 is the time when the students have made up their minds to select the stream of their choice. The students need to showcase their best abilities to be eligible for the seats; the process for class 11 admission for 2023-24 is designed to achieve the same. Those students who seek admission during the session are selected if the seats are vacant due to transfers.


  • Registering online along with submission of requisite documents.
  • All valid registrations receiving intimation from school regarding virtual meet with School Principal.
  • Session by School Principal to share the vision, mission, philosophy, way of working and the milestones achieved by a child during the 14 years at school, on a pre defined date, allotted in consultation with the parent.
  • On grant of admission, completion of admission formalities that include submission of school fee, filling the Admission Form and verification of necessary documents.