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‘Be the same person, Privately, Publically, Personally’

– Judah Smith

A child entering school life at the age of three is most authentic in its ways - genuine, honest and transparent. The real challenge is to maintain this purity all through school life and beyond.

GDGPS Sector 48 focuses on retaining the uniqueness of every child, without them getting into conflict with others. This is achieved by keeping Authentic Learning at the centre of the teaching-learning process.

How is this achieved?

Through learning that is personally meaningful for the learner; one that relates to the real-world outside of school, provides an opportunity to think in the modes of a particular discipline and where the means of assessment reflect the learning process.

Particular Discipline

It is believed that any activity becomes authentic only when a learner owns it personally. Only when a learner thinks of an activity as ‘real or genuine’, does it become authentic. Indigenously developed school programs are the means by which GDGPS Sector 48 ensures that students find learning authentic and stimulating. Students are engaged in the kind of things that they would do in ‘real life’, outside of the environment where learning is taking place.

By learning to think, Goenkans are encouraged to develop the art of learning different disciplines like History, Mathematics, Science etc using the same tools as Professional Scholars would.

Moreover, having assessments that are embedded into learning; that is, structuring assessment in a manner that students learn something while taking the test, GDGPS Sector 48 ensures Authenticity in Education.

Most importantly, by helping students discover their TRUE SELF, we instill in them the confidence to stand by their belief system.