‘To create an environment where people are most productive, we are better off minimizing fear and creating a place that is positive and supportive.’

– Maureen Metcalf

Productivity, as understood commonly, is the ratio between the output volume and the volume of inputs. However, individuals can have their own understanding of productivity, and in that sense, define their own productivity levels.

Education’s productivity is extremely critical, for an individual’s potential is realized through education. Achieving personal success in an appropriate length of time and collectively contributing to society is what defines an outstanding individual.

The key question thus centres around, how to develop an aspiration to be highly productive?

This desire to excel is inculcated during the crucial 14 years that a child spends at school. The ability to be focused, to harness the body and mind, to drop the non essentials and to keep things simple; these are some of the areas children ought to be thinking about while in school.

GDGPS Sector 48 shapes this thinking to excel among its students. It first starts with developing an understanding of the concept of time management. Time cannot really be managed, for we all have only so much of it. We have no control over it. What we do have control over is how we expend our energy in the time we are allotted.

Having a clear academic plan; sharing the same with the students; preparing them for it in advance; inculcating a habit of planning and following the plan through, are some of the means adopted, to enable students maximise their productivity.

Further, centring on the four essential elements of productivity, namely Purpose, Language, Focus and Physiology, Goenkans carry a natural flair to excel.

We teach them to be clear about the purpose of what they are doing;

We nurture them to be mindful of the language they use, whether while talking to others or while listening to their inner chatter;

We enable them to remain focused on their objective;

And we inculcate physical well being.