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‘Making mental connections is our most crucial learning tool, the essence of human intelligence, to forge links, to go beyond the given; to see patterns, relationships, context’

– Marilyn Ferguson

In an increasingly digital world that our children are growing up in, technology has taken precedence over everything else. Separateness seems to be the norm as human interactions are being replaced by electronic interactions. In such a scenario, maintaining authentic human interactions becomes paramount.

Connectivity happens at various levels in a school environment. First and foremost are the connections forged between a teacher and a student. GDGPS Sector 48 puts all its energy behind consolidating this connection, for we believe that a teacher is the most important and crucial school ‘environment’.

When a teacher creates a non-threatening learning environment, every student experiences a sense of freedom to express, without being judged. They start to connect with each other. They also start to understand the connections they share with people in the outside world and learn to recognize and respect people of different cultures, ethnicity, gender and colour. Learning, growing and succeeding together becomes the school culture. 14 years spent in such a culture surely creates young adults who believe in forming connections with others and take everyone along in their life journey.

Needless to say, authenticity in all that we do leads to connectivity.