The Online Model

Turning adversity into an opportunity

It is said that change is the only constant in life! And though as humans, we are all reluctant to alter the way we live, yet the present scenario has shown us that change is inevitable.

GDGPS sector 48 was quick to adapt to this change that followed the lock-down and moved to online classes using Zoom as the medium, based on the fact that the application was widely used and recommended at that point. Within no time, the school got ready with several E-resources, synchronous and asynchro¬nous study modules, online interactive modules and e-notes and made them available to all students. However, teaching learning is a highly complex and dynamic process that is not restricted to delivering instructions, but also taking feedback, discussing, resolving doubts, reaching the desired learning outcome, followed by assessments.

To fulfil all these needs, GDGPS Sector 48 started using the Google Suit platform for all scholastic and co scholastic engagements with the students. The G Suite for education has a feature titled Google Classroom which is a blended learning platform for schools that aims to simplify creating, distributing and grading assignments in a paperless way. At the same time, is allows for a safe, uninterrupted classroom like engagement. Moreover, all content exchange between the teacher and the students cannot be accessed by anyone else, including Google. It is as close as one can get to actual classroom learning.

Extensive in-depth training of the staff was conducted by industry experts. This was followed by Google Meet organised at the micro level for all students and parents to help them get familiar with the tools and functioning of the platform. The transition was smooth and students adapted to the new-age teaching norms effortlessly.

The Virtual platform was used to rediscover the strength of the school system and all efforts were made to prepare well for this change. While there was fear of the unknown, insecu¬rities and challenges all around, the staff of the school got engaged using the constructivist approach to learning by undertaking research projects, creative pursuits, visual and performing arts, health and well-being programmes and variety of scholastic and co-scholastic activities to keep students positive, empowered and con¬structively busy discovering their innate talents and abilities.

Appreciation and acclaim started pouring in for the efforts being put by the school. GDGPS Sector 48 Gurugram won high acclaim from Curtin University, Australia for the research based projects taken up by the students of GDGPS 48 during this time.

The school was also honoured with the title of being an Exemplar School by Jamia Millia Jslamia University for its outstanding contribution in the field of education even during the pandemic. The Leadership team was invited to train teachers on conducting assessments using online tools.

The implementation of G Suit has been done with a long term vision in mind. GDGPS Sector 48 school shall continue to use the module and its exclusive features well into the session, after the school reopens.