(APRIL 20, 2021)

Aesthetically inclined Goenkans of GDGPS, Sector 48, were provided with an opportunity to participate in ‘Kala Parv’, a virtual exhibition of art, hosted by Heritage Experiential School, Gurugram on April 20, 2021. The students of grade 6 to 9 were invited to participate in various workshops, two of which were ‘Speaking Calligraphy’ and ‘Explore and Express’.

In the process of the workshop based on ‘Speaking Calligraphy’ the Goenkans were directed to commence the learning through doodling their thoughts at the beginning of the session and were then handheld into the overview of the concept behind this workshop through a presentation. The students enhanced their art of synchronizing their thoughts with the doodles they created and finally emerged with a concrete word drawing.

The workshop of ‘Explore and Express’ had our students start with doodling the thoughts, which make them happy. This was followed by doodling the day-to-day objects, which they see around them, and steadily the students gained strength over their art. The students were able to channelize their potential to express their though process effectively and creatively through the medium of art while infusing it with colours and innovations. This platform, provided to the Goenkans, on behalf of GDGPS, cemented their creativity and put colour into their developing and better organized thoughts.