(JUNE 02 TO 05, JUNE 2021)

The holistic development of children of any nation is in the hand of teachers. With an objective to impart adequate knowledge and to equip them with the necessary pedagogical skills and to enable the teachers to acquire the understanding of 21st century skills, a four-day workshop on Quality Teacher Education: Capacity Building of Teacher Educators was organized by G D Goenka Public School, Vasant Kunj for the faculty members of G D Goenka Group of Schools Pan India.

Quality is always demanded in field of Teacher Education. The four-day workshop provided a common platform to understand and share their experiences and deliberate upon the ideas related to the revised curriculum and its transaction to bring forth better professionals and effective teachers.

On the Day 1, The online workshop was inaugurated by Dr.Bharti Sharma who shared about the four pillars of education and the three principles of human life. The session was graced by Mrs. Chandeep Marwah who pointed out the importance of ‘Outcome Based Learning’ and need of Inclusion in education system. The online workshop enabled the teachers to understand the individual differences of learners and to take appropriate steps for their optimum development. She even highlighted the Teaching Learning Cycle and how to design the assessment closely tied to learning outcomes.

Day-2 workshop was conducted by the resource person Mrs. Neeta Rastogi who is a renowned CBSE trainer.  She gave a deep insight about the Competency Based Education. She focussed on the six components and impact of CBE and Bloom’s Taxonomy. Talking about the qualities of a teacher, she stated that within everyone is a book of knowledge. We need to turn each page and utilize that knowledge, assimilate it and pass it on to others. 

Day -3 was a great opportunity for the teachers to get acquainted with the Competency Based Assessment. It covered the main objective of assessments and how to bridge the gap between outcome and assessment.

Day -4 session presentation was to upgrade the teachers about the different online teaching applications. Mrs. Chandeep Marwah demonstrated the use of ‘Near Pod’ She provided a new perspective to the teachers to imbibe the learning in their own classrooms.  The engaging session on ‘Heal your mind and Emotion’ stressed on how to prevent anxiety attack and strengthen your gratitude muscle.

The workshop concluded with the vote of thanks by Dr. Bharti Sharma. Overall it was an enriching and informative experience for the teachers. To make the sessions interactive and interesting the teachers were all the time encouraged to ask questions, clarify their doubts and give suggestions for improvement.