(MARCH 29, 2022)


A workshop was held by Ms. Neeta Rastogi to lay out the objective, the methodology and how to transact that lesson in classes.


The workshop dwelt on the aspect of collaborative learning coupled with integrating more than one subject while teaching a concept.  Using of multiple intelligence activities which would be helpful in bringing out the best in the teacher and produce the apt result in the student was suggested.  Ms. Rastogi also commented on the fact that the teachers need not rely on the availability of the lab facilities forever and that they must devise classroom activities to keep the topic interesting and the lesson alive. 


The workshop lasted for about 2 hours in which nearly 450 teachers of classes 6 -10, of the G D Goenka group of schools from all across India participated.  It was an interesting and interactive session. It suggested ideas of active learning strategies which will help students develop responsibility for their own learning, with the flexibility of modifying it as the needs of the students and cultural uniqueness of the region so that a teacher may reflect and streamline.