(APRIL 20, 2021)

At GDGPS Secc-48, Gurugram we believe in holistic development of our students. Consequently, in our regular academic curriculum, equal emphasis is given to Arts and Sports as well. And therefore, we believe, all the teachers including the Activity and Sports teachers, require to be well versed with the evolving methods of imparting education and grab the opportunities as they come their way to attend various workshops or enhancing capacity building sessions.

Heritage Xperiential Learning School conducted a workshop on Indian Classical Dance forms as well as their various components and aspects. The workshop was conducted by Ms. Ruchika Sharma on 20th of April.

The resource person explained the different classical dance forms - Kathak, Bharatnatyam, Odissi and Kuchipudi. She also explained how costumes, makeup, body gestures, hand mudras and footsteps make the performance impressive. She shared the videos of Stalwarts of that particular dance form. Ms,Ruchika Sharma also explained about the aspects to be remembered for a performer. i.e. Music, Lyrics, Makeup, Costume, Pattern & Routine and Discipline.   

It was a great opportunity for our Activity Teachers to attend such an enlightening session.