( MAY 08, 2021)


A workshop on Emotional intelligence was hosted by Mr Nitin Berry, a renowned corporate trainer & leadership coach, on May 08, 2021. Eminent speaker and an expert of emotional intelligence, time management and communication skill, Mr Berry, inspired the school fraternity to manage their emotions in such turbulent times and overcome the negative impact all around.


The resource person discussed Daniel Goleman’s E.I. Model which laid stress on the ability to identify, assess and control one’s own emotions, the emotion of others and that of groups. He further stated how self-awareness gives us the capacity to learn from our own mistakes as well as success and shared the five ways to increase self -awareness. He reiterated that it’s important to improve self -management skills by assessing your strengths, being patient and prioritizing your responsibilities.  He gave insight on Intrinsic and Extrinsic motivation. Intrinsic motivation is more fruitful than the Extrinsic one and goes a longer way.  He insisted on being empathetic as it leads to good health, happier life and healthy environment.


The key take away of the workshop was that it’s not difficult to achieve success when we master on our social skills like optimism, compassion, politeness and diligence. All the participants were actively involved throughout the two-hour workshop, through interactive Q/A session. Mr Berry concluded the workshop with an inspiring quote “Emotional intelligence allows us to RESPOND instead of REACTING.”