The teenage years should be a time of newfound independence and confident exploration: yet for many adolescents, the experience of growing up is a confusing phase of isolation, worry and fear. With the aim to provide clarity and boost self-confidence, Head Mistress Ms Srishti Bajaj along with the counseling department curated an exclusive “Growing Up “session on May 27, 2022 for the young girls and boys of Class V who are on the verge of entering the turbulent phase of Adolescence.

The discussion revolved around the biological aspects of menstruation in girls and puberty among boys, its importance, and the ways one can manage it. The Headmistress emphasized on the cultural taboos and hesitation that exists between parents and children. Thus, it becomes imperative for the schools to take interventions and spread awareness among the children.

Areas covered during the session included:

  • Body Positivity

  • The human physiology

  • Understanding puberty (What is puberty?)

  • Understanding the function of reproductive system in brief

  • Identify physical and emotional changes experienced during puberty specific to boys and girls

  • Changing interpersonal relationships

  • Self-care during puberty

  • Safe sources of information on puberty

  • Usage of sanitary pads (animated video)

  • Q and A round to handle queries or concerns 

The topics were disseminated through self-reflective exercises, activities and open discussions. This helped in establishing a warm rapport with the students throughout the session and encouraged active listening on their part. Emphasis was placed on answering children’s concerns about the subject and sharing of their experiences. The students were introduced to strategies to address issues related to puberty with empathy and combating peer pressure. 

Learners discussed their fears and complexities with the counseling team and the session helped them provide a safe space to process their thoughts and emotions, where they were treated with empathy, dignity and respect. It was an informative initiative for the students with great learning for each one of them.