(MAY 04, 2021)


All the teachers of GDGPS took part in a workshop on how to design an assessment to monitor the core competencies of the students. Ms. Tanya highlighted the need to develop competencies not just to solve textual problems but to incorporate them in teaching the students to use them in real life situations. She further discussed the recommendations made to CBSE on designing assessments. Ms. Tanya also highlighted how CBSE is running its programmes in parallel to PISA’s recommendations.


The old adage that ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ was once again refreshed by Ms. Tanya as she encouraged the teachers to use more visuals rather than only text, for deeper understanding by the students. She augmented the session by depicting with examples the dos and don’t of framing multiple choice questions. The session was further enriched by the inputs of Ms. Raka Bagchi on the type of case study based questions that can be framed to assess the learning prowess of the students. She added that extracts from the text books can form the basis for MCQs and even subjective questions.


Ms. Anuradha Handa, the Principal accentuated the points covered by Ms. Tanya on how different types of questions can be framed to cover the range and depth of understanding of various topics by the students. Ms. Shrishti and Ms. Shalini tandon, Headmistress of Primary and High School respectively congratulated Ms. Tanya for the session and shared that many of the ways of assessments were already being used by the teachers to design their assessments, at the same time reiterating the need to revisit and ponder over the knowledge shared by Ms. Tanya for further strengthening of the assessment system.