(MAY 03, 2021)


All the teachers of GDGPS took part in a workshop on Competency Based Education. Ms. Babita Kapoor introduced the CBSE objectives of introducing Competency based Education to enhance building up 21st century skills. After explaining how the eleven competencies which are generally clubbed under the broad skills of Literacy Skills, Learning and Life Skills, Ms. Babita and Ms. Tanya Gera shared a couple of modules which had been prepared to engage the students in Critical thinking, Problem Solving, Enquiry based Investigations and Collaborative Thinking in the subjects of Mathematics and Science. Ms. Ujjala Campell shared the modules through which basic skills of Listening, Reading, Summarizing and Speaking can be developed in Junior classes and enhanced in Senior grades.


Ms. Anuradha Handa, the Principal emphasized the need to engage students creatively and make them future ready. The Principal was keen to see an effective integration of academic competencies with those of sports and Arts. Ms. Shrishti and Ms. Shalini tandon, Headmistress of Primary and High School threw light on all the interesting ways in which competency-based learning capsules have been planned and some already executed in the Junior and Middle Wing. Both stressed the need for multi-disciplinary integrated learning that secures maximum student engagement.


Teachers of the three Wings shared their experiences of carrying out activities and modules that had sought to build up these 21st century competencies among their students. All were in consensus that these were well-received by the students who took part in them whole-heartedly and with keen interest.