(JANUARY 11, 2021)

New year beckons the infinite horizon of new hopes, new opportunities and fresh beginnings and the sublime positivity winning over the seemingly unattainable obstacles of the past year put behind shone through the optimistic zeal of the Goenkans of the Middle and Senior Wing as they were warmly welcomed into the year 2021 by the management and staff of GDGPS, Sector 48, Gurugram on January 11, 2021.

The students were ushered in with the warm wishes for a brighter future and a vision of going beyond the ordinary. The Goenkans were handheld into believing, refreshing, revisiting and renewing their determination and faith in themselves and in surging ahead in the scholastic and co-scholastic arenas.

 The mentors welcomed the children through specially crafted presentations and provided a roadmap to the students based on the highlights for the academic, co-curricular and integrated learning modules they must look forward to in the coming academic months. With fervent prayers for their safety and health during the Covid infested times, the Goenkans were urged to utilize their time effectively and aim for higher and brighter goals in the new year. This welcoming of the Goenkans into the folds of the New Year resonated with in-depth faith in their potential, well-being and holistic growth.