(JANUARY 16, 2021)

The purpose of education is to make good human beings with skill and expertise. It should focus on ‘How to Think’ rather than ‘What to Think’

At the onset of this new year, it is time that we begin to align ourselves with the New Education Policy that will take our education system to greater heights. The dawn of this new era brings several possibilities and opportunities to the educational field, at the same time, it also raises many concerns with its implementation too. Realizing its need,  a very informative and enriching webinar was conducted on the topic-‘New Education Policy 2020’  by ‘Edudevs’ on  January 16, 2021. The inaugural address was done by Ms. Devyani Kapoor, and Dr.  Maheshwara Chaitanya, who introduced us to the eminent panelists- Ms.Anuradha Handa, Ms. Rita Sen, Mr. Ashok Pandey and Mr. Sandeep. The aim of organizing this webinar was to discuss the features and prominent challenges in implementation of this policy.

The first segment of the webinar gave a platform to all the distinguished panelists to postulate their views on the topic itself. All the prominent speakers agreed ‘NEP, 2020’ to be the foundation of the future, an inclusive policy where the policy makers envisioned the need of holistic development over rote learning and strictly adhered curriculum. All the speakers concurred the fact that this new policy has been formulated after a very detailed consultative process unprecedented in depth and scale which will eventually prepare the students with skills required for life, making learning a happy experience through experiential component. The able and esteemed panelists accepted the fact that the quality, competence and character of the teachers is the key component that influences the education system, therefore regular workshops and timely reinforcements can be a catalyst to improve their performance. As rightly remarked by Ms. Anuradha Handa, ‘A teacher should not be a sage on stage.’ The doors of a teacher’s mind should always be ready to accept the guidance and changes, even by their students.

In the second and the last segment Ms. Devyani Kapoor and Dr. Maheshwara Chaitanya raised grave questions concerning the challenges in implementation of this policy. The answers given by the panelists contented the addressers of the webinar and paved solutions for these challenges. The session was informative and interactive with lively interactions between the concerned  resource people and the panelists.