(MAY 29, 2021)

Emphasising the importance of early years in a child's learning, an enriching and informative webinar was organised by Edudev, school of inspired teaching and learning. The topic “Formalising Elementary Education” was discussed pondering upon the different perspectives from changing role of educators to blended learning and accountability of teachers. The Panelists included Ms Devyani Kapoor, Founder and CEO of Edudev, Ms Shwetangana Santram, Principal, Wilsonia Scholars Home, Dr. Vinata Sai, Chairperson, Amrita Vidyapaetham, Chennai and Mrs Srishti Bajaj, Headmistress, Primary Wing, G D Goenka Public School, Sector48, Gurugram.

Taking forward the exploration of NEP 2020, continuing with the theme – Formalising Elementary Education, headmistress Ms Srishti Bajaj shared her insights on how NEP stresses upon the use of mother tongue alongside bilingual and multilingual model which in turn increases the learner’s confidence in the foundational years. She reiterated that there has to be a balance of bilingual education which is also now the recommended strategy as per the NEP.

The moderator also brought up relevant questions for the panelists wherein they shared their own perspectives and insights in the given scenario. To sum up the session, the educationists shared techniques that have been developed and practiced worldwide for the enhancement of early teaching pedagogies.