(JULY 31, 2021)

DECODING INCLUSION workshop was conducted by Ridge Valley school, Gurugram on the virtual platform on July 31, 2021. Resource person was Ms. Diksha Kapoor, child counsellor at Ridge Valley school. The aim of the webinar was “Inclusion for all, Accessibility for all”.

In first half of the workshop, various strategies regarding catering to the problem of differentiated learning and for child with diverse need were discussed, like “Teach me the way I learn”,” breaking the task in small simplified steps”,” collaborating seating”, “Two teacher concept, class teacher and shadow teacher”, “Buddy system”, “setting up targets”, “2 P rule”, ie sensitizing parents and peers etc were some to name a few. Teachers were also introduced to “brain gym exercises” and “physical exercises”.

In second half teachers were grouped as per the age group of students they were handling in zoom break out rooms, and were given a case study of boy who had some differentiated attributes. Teachers were told to brainstorm and discuss at length the problems of child and come up with various strategies for getting productive with him. After 45 minutes of breakout room activity, every group was supposed to give the presentation.

Conclusion was that for inclusive education to work in all aspects , it is necessary to adopt mix of various strategies that came out after brainstorming like –“Differentiated Worksheets”, “Cue Cards”, “Lesser work assigned”, “Printed more visual lesson sheets”, “Art integrated learning”, “Buddy system”, “sitting arrangements”, “collaboration with parents counsellor”, “Time plan”, “problems simplified”, “differentiated lesson plans”.