(JULY 15, 2021)

CYBER SECURITY workshop was conducted by CBSE Training and Academic Unit on July 15, 2021. The resource person from CBSE was Ms. Lata Shahji and content was with consultation with various cyber security experts.

The aim of the course is to offer an online course to principal and teachers on cyber security issues specially in the era of online teaching. Several tips were shared with the listeners which could be in turn shared with students to make them aware of the threats lurking in cyber world. Whole course is divided into four units. Unit 1-Introduction to cyber security, Unit 2-Safe internet usage, Unit 3-Hazards on Ecommerce platform, Unit 4-Social Media Impacts.

Course will be followed by assessments which can be submitted between August 02 to 31, 2021. Teachers can later download their certificates from training portal.