(JULY 31, 2021)


As part of its Teacher Enrichment and Empowerment Programme, GDGPS organizes a plethora of in-house workshops as well as sends its faculty members to illuming sessions to enrich their domain expertise and keep themselves abreast of the latest strategies in the education sphere. With this aim, Monika Pethia attended a Webinar on ‘Assessment for Learning Strategies to Empower Independent Learners’ with Ms. Michelle Bambawale. The live webinar was organised by Mahattattva on 31st July 2021.  Michelle Bambawale is a freelance consultant with the British Council. She has supported the team in the delivery of training, and monitoring and evaluation of teacher education projects across India. Michelle co-authored a case study on teacher evaluation in India – issues and practices.   Michelle has 25 years of experience in international education and marketing communications. She completed her Master’s in Education (Curriculum, Pedagogy, and Assessment) at the Institute of Education, London, UK. Her goal is to improve the quality of education in India, by using assessment for learning strategies to empower teachers and students to self-reflect, set goals and work collaboratively towards their goals, in a safe learning community.  


The webinar proved to be a learning experience as the resource person explained the importance of assessment for the learning. She differentiated between the formative and summative assessment and explained how as educators, one can use a range of strategies to facilitate effective teaching, learning and assessment.  She also stressed on the need to empower learners to think, question and reflect on their own learning. Lastly, she touched upon the importance of feedback. Various classroom examples given during the webinar was the highlight of the workshop.