(MARCH 23 TO 25, 2022)


An induction workshop was conducted by G D Goenka Public School, Vasant Kunj for the new teachers from March 23 to 25, 2022 on a virtual platform. The oblective of the workshop was to connect the new faculty members with the G D Goenka philosophy, introduce them to the pedagogy the school believes in and make the new members aware about the evaluation and assessment system of the organization. The three days workshop was conducted by different resource people from G D Goenka Public School, Vasant Kunj.



Day 1: 23 March 2022

Session 1 (Connecting to G D Goenka Philosophy)

The session was taken by Ms Bharti Sharma, Senior Director, Academics, G D Goenka Group of Schools. She talked at length about the philosophy of the school and through her firm belief and conviction made all the new teachers feel welcomed and connected in the school system and a partner with the ideology of the school.


Session 2: Introduction to Pedagogy

 Ms. Risha Malik , one of the respectable member of G D Goenka family enlightened all the new members about the Curriculum Planning followed by the school. She emphasized on the activity based learning followed by the school.


Session 3: Evaluation and assessment

Resource Person: Ms. Alka Oberoi

The respectable member explained in detail each and every aspect of the evaluation and assessment system followed by the G D Goenka Group of Schools followed by the Q & A session for any doubt that was raised by the new members.

It was an enlightening session indeed giving insight about all the parameters involved for the evaluation and assessment of our learners.


Day 2: 24 March 2022

Session 1: Teaching in the Digital Era


Resource Persons: Ms Chandeep Marwah, Head, Professional Development , G D Goenka  Group of Schools.

Ms Marwah presented an array of tools extremely useful for the teachers to make the learning an interesting and an everlasting experience for the learners of middle school. All the members were introduced to a variety of tools like Paddlet, Kahoot, Sway, Flip Grid, Popplet. She also helped the members learn how to use these tools effectively in the class. 


Session2 : Special Education

Resource Persons:  Dr Bina Nangia, a RCI certified counselor/therapist with more than 30 years experience in mental health.

Dr Nangia discussed in detail about the symptoms that can be helpful in identifying the special learning needs of the learners. At the same time she truly helped to raise awareness among all the new members about the challenges faced by our young learners and with firm belief helped us understand how our sensitively and accepting the special learning needs of the learners will help them and the society in the long run.


Day 3: 25 March 2022


Session 1 : For Social Science

Resource Person: Ms Vijay Joshi

Ms Joshi started the session by asking all the members to introduce the cities they come from in a wonderful and innovative way. Every member was asked to speak any one unique feature or special feature of their native cities and the others had to identify the city. It helped all the members to open up and interact. She provided the insight about the value of Social Science as subject in the changing times. She also discussed about planning a lesson with special emphasis on Pre Content and Post Content of the lesson.


Session 2: Empowering Teachers as Consellors

Resource Person: Ms Swati Mohan and Gurmanjot Nandwani

Ms Swati and Gurmanjot very effectively emphasized the need to help our learners strengthen their self-esteem. They reiterated the fact that teachers are not merely providers of information of a particular subject but there is equally important as consellors which has a deepening impact on the soft and delicate minds of our innocent learners. Hence considering every child as unique and special is important. Equally important is dealing with the young minds with compassion which helps to boost their morale and confidence.


Overall the induction workshop was an enlightening session and helped all the new members of the G D Goenka family learn in an interactive way to make the teaching - learning process a more enjoyable experience for our Goenkans.