(JANUARY 26, 2021)

A webinar on Unfolding Indian history: Real Essence of Republic Confirmation was organized by the Blue Bells Model School, Sector 4 Gurgaon. The webinar focused on the need for India to become a “Republic”, Indian constitution as a dynamic and living document, road map to Indian constitution, Indian constitution as a cornerstone of India's integrity and diversity and also future ahead for next generations. The Session was moderated by Mr. Rudraksh Singh Bhati, student of Faculty of Law, JNVU.

The session began with a very informative talk by Prof. B.M. Sharma, Chairman Rajasthan Public Service Commission. He explained the reasons why leaders of the newly independent India chose to be a republic and adopted the parliamentary form of government. He also deliberated on benefits of parliamentary form of government in comparison to the presidential form of government. Major General Dilawar Singh explained the need for India to be a secular democratic country and protection of democracy in India. He pointed out that to be a global power to shape and influence the global affairs the need for democracy arises.

The session was carried forward by other panelists. Mr. Amitabh Mohan, Head - HLS India Ltd and leading Psychologist answered the question on the use of social media, how social media is used for good causes and positive discussions. It is also used as a tool to present ill and negative views hurting our sentiments without any control and how we can ensure that the constitutional ideals are followed while expressing ourselves of social media.

Ms. Sanam Siddiqui, Senior Advocate, an entrepreneur & founder, Peritia Law Chambers answered the question saying that in her view what should be added to our constitution to make our country a developed country.

The entire session was indeed very enlightening and enriching for the participants.