“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” - Saint Augustine

Students of classes VII to IX, of GDGPS Sector 48, Gurugram, were taken forth on an educational journey of extraordinary and deep learning in the midst of nature to Jim Corbett in 2 slots – Class IX and VIII-D,E and F from 28th October to 30th October 2022 and class VII and VIII-A, B and C from October 31 to November 01, 2022. 

Commencing from an early departure from the school till the conclusion of the trip, the students not only gained insight into the various aspects of the flora and fauna of Jim Corbett, but also learnt the necessary skills of teamwork, independent learning and collaboration. Apart from enjoying their stay at the selected destination, the students were engaged in a workshop based on the history and primary knowledge about the famous Jim Corbett National Park, explored and enjoyed themselves at an adventure park which offered a plethora of fun activities like zip-lining, sky-cycling, bull riding, water zorbing to name a few, took an early morning safari to the Jim Corbett National Park wherein they observed the wild life and their habitat from close quarters, paid an educational visit to the Jim Corbett Interpretation Center, thus gaining a deeper insight into the history of the National Park and its habitants and paid their obeisance to the deity at the Girija Temple. Students enjoyed each other's company which was evident during the dance parties, meal times and the bus rides they engaged in. The purpose of this trip was to enhance the social skills of the Goenkans, make them sensitive towards their environment and to give them lifelong learning.