(APRIL 03, 2021)

Subject narration in GDGPS is a uniquely in-house developed initiative that provides the students with a succinct overview of the curriculum and activities in the next class. For the session 2021-22, the digital subject narrations held in the last week of March were an effective way to form linkages between chapters/syllabus of the previous years with the new one. The teachers of Grades IX-XII took extra pains to include all the innovations introduced in their subjects during the year of online classes. These Subject Narrations gave the students a clear idea of the academic road ahead in the new session as the teachers explained the syllabus, revisions made by the CBSE, the bifurcation of the syllabus into online and offline classes as well as the  Art Integration component in each subject. The personalized Subject Narrations were thoughtfully prepared and delivered anticipating all the academic complexities and challenges that the on-going uncertain circumstances can lead to.

Where the school hand holds its existing students by gently navigating them towards the next classes, it takes infinite care of the new admissions and their parents as well. Class inductions for the newly enrolled students in Grades 9-10 and their parents were held on 03 April, 2021. The purpose of these orientations is multi-pronged namely to welcome the children while introducing them to the school ethos, to acquaint them with the school mechanism and curriculum and at the same time, to help them to interact with their teachers and achieve a modicum of ‘feel at home’ quotient in the new school environment. This year’s digital inductions went a distinct foot forward – they provided complete information about the academic planner, SPE programme, assemblies, academic strategy for online-offline classes, assessment pattern, homework, attendance, multi-media resources and the school’s modus operandi regarding fee payment, transport, guidelines for leave, uniform, online parents’ portal etc.