(DECEMBER 03, 2020)

Pedagogy encompasses not just the act of transference of knowledge, but also the methodology adopted. A true mentor or teacher is one who appreciates this aspect and embodies it in his or her style of enriching the students faculties. As with every aspect of human life, the act of sharing knowledge too is subject to change, evolution and adaptation.

Behavioural scientists have established through their body of knowledge and studies that concepts shared as stories are likely to be recalled and applied for long. Seized of this fact, the CBSE organised a virtual session for educationists pan India, to engage in the act of teach through story telling. The onus of giving substance to this most vital of topics was bestowed upon Ms Anuradha Handa, Principal GDGPS Sector 48 Gurugram. With over two decades of experience as a teacher, administrator and now Principal, this is not the first time that she has been selected to guide mentors. She is the First School Principal of GDGPS Sector 48 Gurugram and drew heavily from her experience to make the interaction memorable.

Beginning with the history of storytelling, Ms Handa evoked yearning looks and murmurs when she reminded the attendees of their happiest childhood memories of listening to stories and their lessons. She then exhorted the teachers to impart knowledge even in the fact based subject of science in higher classes through stories and practical examples. Given the distance element in education today (owing to the pandemic), it was stressed that teaching ought to be more engaging than ever to make up for the lack of physical presence. Teachers should step out of their comfort zones and resort to novel methods to make students willing partners in the act of learning and teaching. Learning to teach using story telling as a pedagogy will also help teachers empathise with students struggling to learn under the new normal. Attendees were reminded  that civilizations have transferred their collective wisdom through lore’s and lived on for centuries. This is testament to the fact that what is learnt as fun, stands the test of time.

We are indeed grateful to the CBSE for choosing this most pertinent of topics and also for choosing perhaps the most suitable mentor to guide the attendees. Firmly in consonance with its stated aim, GDGPS Sector 48 marches on to impart QUALITY education to world leaders of tomorrow.