Being Healthy and Fit isn’t just a trend, it’s a lifestyle. Co-scholastic education is an integral part of the curriculum at GDGPS, complementing formal education by contributing to the holistic development of every Goenkan’s personality. The school is all geared up to follow the CBSE initiative for sports and skill assessments.

The learners of class V have been engaged in all Co-Scholastic and Sports activities through regular classes and participation in different games through term wise rotation. To help the students make the right choice of sport, Skill Testing Sports and Activity Sessions were conducted on March 08, 2022 in the school premises The school had planned field and studio activity sessions to give our ever-growing Goenkans the opportunity to identify their interest and ability in the sport and activity of their choice as they transition to the Middle Wing.

The learners were tested on general skills for their speed, stamina and agility to specific skills for the game of Football, Basketball, Cricket, Tennis and Table Tennis. To conclude, the day was high on physical agility and mental fitness and was enjoyed by one and all.