(FEBRUARY 07, 2022)

Ms Rekha Chauhan, Guidance Counselor of GDGPS, Sec 48, Gurgaon took a session with the girls of grade VI on the topic, “Growing up Healthy & Safe”. Learning objectives of this virtual session were:

·         To give students correct information about puberty & related changes      

·         Maintaining Hygiene               

·         Discussing myths & facts with regards to menstruation

Students understand that the changes in their body are natural. This fact was discussed in detail with the students. They were told that changes are happening to them physically and emotionally which is a natural process of growing up. They are leaving their childhood behind and taking steps toward growing up and this phase is called puberty. The presentation was followed up by a Q & A round to clear their doubts and accept the changes gracefully along with confidence.

They were also explained about the importance of maintaining good hygiene. The session started with the famous quote, “Health is Wealth” followed by a question that how many students agree with the statement. Tips to maintain good health and hygiene were shared with the students.

It was a very fruitful session for the students.