(FEBRUARY 02, 2021)

A Session on Scientific Awareness on how to keep our ecosystem healthy was conducted by Dr J P Bhatt and Dr Uday Kakroo for the students of classes 9 and 11 on February 02, 2021. Dr. J P Bhatt is a Sr. Scientist in Interdisciplinary Studies of Mountain & Hill Environment, University of Delhi and Dr. Uday Kakroo is from Millennium India Education Foundation.

The session was premised on understanding the meaning and working of ‘ecosystem’. Dr Bhatt opened the session by educating students with technical and scientific understanding of ecosystem. How it is a fundamental unit of life and leads one towards area of ecosystem. Further talking about structures, the speaker emphasised on the flow of energy from sun to plant species leading to Biotic and Abiotic components.

Ecosystem provides provisioning, regulating, supporting and cultural services. Biodiversity is a very integral component of a healthy ecosystem. Genetic, Species and Ecosystem level of biodiversity was discussed at length to understand each type’s impact and effect. Each individual is important for the sustenance of an ecosystem. One should respect the hidden importance of biodiversity.

The speaker made students understand various plant species available in Delhi NCR region and what are their benefits in maintaining the balance of the ecosystem. Bird species were also emphasised upon for the understanding of the concept along with aquatic species introduced in Yamuna River. The speaker also suggested many activities which students can undertake and record observations.

Overall the session was very informative and students gained a lot of insight.