19 January 2022

The Guest speaker for the session was Mr Suneel Vatsyayan, a Life Coach, Social Entrepreneur and a Karamveer Chakra Awardee. He is the Founder and chairperson of NADA India Foundation that works to promote health, child and adolescent rights and drug free life style. He along with Dr Vijul, a public health expert and NADA good health advocate enlightened the young audience about the ill effects, damages and life cycle of drug abuse. 

The session started with a self composed poem presented by a student on this topic. The young goenkans then made a small presentation on the topic and shared their understanding about the causes, effects and preventive measures to act responsibly and say No to drugs.

Then a small movie beautifully presented the cycle of increased dependence on drugs and made the students aware of the addiction process. The speakers were successful to induce a sense of responsibility against drug abuse amongst students. Mr Suneel discussed various aspects of this burning issue of substance and drug abuse with student representatives who were panelists during the session as well as responded to the queries received from the audience attending the session through streaming link.

School counsellors Ms Rekha Chauhan, Dr Dipti Yadav and principal Ms Anuradha Handa addressed the students and guided them to say YES to life. The session was highly engaging and fruitfully interactive.