(DECEMBER 08, 2022)

The school organized a session for the students of class X on Cracking the Board Examinations. Varoius strategies like how to score high in limited time, understanding question paper pattern & Blueprint along with the Smart Study Techniques and guidance on preparation as well as how to attempt the paper were the main highlights of the session. 

Various tools for the same have been made available to the students by the teacher like self made notes, NCERT and CBSE material, organized study plan, handy formula sheets, revision and practice papers, etc. Some useful tips like read your textbook multiple times, go through the solved examples, read general instructions to be followed while solving the paper carefully, use diagrams/graphs to support your answers, give labeling diagrams, managing time wisely, presenting work and revising paper before submission were shared in detail which will really help the students to organize themselves better. They were also informed about certain “Don’ts” that need to be taken care of by the students while attempting their exam like not to spend more time on a question that seem to be confusing, leaving blank spaces in between the answers, leaving question unattended, etc.

The Session was followed by Q & A session. Overall, it was an enriching experience. it will surely help our students to make proper study plan & follow a disciplined life pattern before & during exam days.