(MAY 05, 2021)



Today is a perfect opportunity to start building the tomorrow you really want.

                                                                                                                        Jonathan Wells



Learning is a continuous process. Learning does not take break be they summer breaks or breaks caused by pandemics. Conscious of this fact and with a view to continuously develop life skills, we at GDGPS are harnessing technology and all means possible. To ensure that our students get nothing but the best, GDGPS Sector 48 Gurugram organised an E Workshop led by Ms Fatima Miam of LXL Ideas on May 05, 2021. Attended by the School leadership and all teachers teaching classes III-IX, from the various Wings, the workshop was well received.


Prevalent conditions demand that we restrict our movements. It is therefore imperative that the energies and inquisitiveness of children are channelized towards learning. LXL has developed short films that highlight values and skill development. The aim of the session was to impart effective implementation of School Cinema resources, in the form of movies, worksheets and activities, and to help teachers develop a connect with our young learners. This learning has been designed outside formal learning of books and syllabus in a manner that compliments the curriculum. The aim as always is to ensure holistic development of our children. Reaching out to our tech savvy students using the age-old concept of learning by seeing, the resources shared by LXL ideas enables learning for life by creating experiences for students, parents and educators. A ground-breaking pedagogical experiment, school cinema uses cinematic storytelling and thought-provoking activities to address life’s challenges for children in the age group of 6-16 years. In sync or perhaps ahead of times, the School seeks out innovative means to connect with its students to ensure that their holistic and all-round development is ensured irrespective of the prevalent conditions. Today's students are tomorrow's future. GDGPS Sector 48 is committed to a competitive yet compassionate, analytical yet sensitive future.