(MARCH 02, 2021)

The current academic batch for the session from classes III to VIII had their online session  with their class teachers on March 02, 2021 to reflect back and bask in the glory of their academic excellence of the previous session.  The Scholastic Awards were announced to these students from academic batch 2019-2020, acknowledging their academic efforts in their previous classes. A ceremony which used to be held in full fervour in the school auditorium took its digital shape and warmed students’ hearts when they saw their name flashing on the screens.

Under the three categories – Roll of  Honour, Certificate of Appreciation and 100 % attendance, students from each section who had performed exceedingly well, were reflected and congratulated.

At the same platform, students were apprised about the upcoming Annual Examination and were blessed by the class teacher for their sailing academic performance in the days to come. They were encouraged to follow a healthy eating and sleeping cycle and to remain utmost conscious about their health in the current wave of the Covid pendamic.

The overall ceremony was filled with lots of hope for the future with a reflection on their past performance.