(OCTOBER 15, 2022)


An extensive professional training workshop was conducted on October 15, 2022 by ACER; Australian Council for Educational Research for the Math and English Department of G D Goenka Public School, Sector 48. The workshop gave an overview on report reading-IBT on Demand Portal and understanding the assessments. The session was conducted by Dr. Garima Bansal from the ACER team.


The International Benchmark Tests (IBT) is an internationally administered programme of assessments designed to compare student performance globally, between grades and over time. The tests cover English and Mathematics for students in grades 3-10. The workshop acquainted the teachers on how the assessment provides a range of reports diagnosing the educational needs of the students- student report, group report and strand report. The results generated provide a representation of individual student performances in a format custom made for parents and students. The inference drawn from the IBT helps to pinpoint how well a student has performed and to identify the next step on their learning journey.


The Session was enriching and ended with an interactive question answer session between the resource person and the faculty.