(JANUARY 13, 2022)

To discuss the very important subject, an online CBSE training was conducted on January13, 2022. The one hour session was organized by the Centre of Excellence, Chandigarh. The resource person was Mr Pankaj Munjal.


The interactive workshop aimed to create awareness among the teachers about the importance and pathways to be happy. According to the resource person, a happy teacher can only create a happy classroom. The teacher should leave all his worries, anxiety and stress outside the classroom. A happy classroom can be created through discussion, affection, respect, trust, conceptual clarity, sensitization and practice to live in harmony with the rest of nature. One should understand the source of happiness and how to ensure continuity of happiness. The teachers were told to lend an ear to each and every student, understand the situation before reacting.


The workshop was indeed an inspiring reminder for all the participating educators to enthusiastically strive to create a happy classroom and make learning a fun-filled experience for the students and teachers alike.