(JULY 21, 2022)

The event titled – Portfolio’ 2022, the annual showcasing of creative talents of the students of Pearl Academy, was organized on July 21, 2022 and witnessed by for the students of class XII 

The event had three major components to be experienced.  An exhibition was set up on the various courses offered by the academy along with the design documents displayed.  The designs were contemporary yet sustainable using the best possible techniques in terms of skill and creativity.  The second leg of the ‘Portfolio” was a Panel discussion with the new and young entrepreneurs who had striven to make a mark in the field of startups.  The guests at the panel discussion were an application developed and an innovative product for the health and hygiene of the general public, Pee- Safe.  The panel discussion dwelt at length on the germination to the difficulties faced by the young businessmen, followed by questions from the audience. The third and the final segment had a fantastic display of fabric design and innovations by the students of the academy in the form of Fashion Show.  The dress designs which were bold yet creative, were inspired by the natural hues and aptly titled thus. 

Overall the students of class XII were glad to be exposed to the multitude of ideas in terms of career and were quite overcome by the possibilities that they could explore after completing their class XII.