(FEBRUARY 26, 2022)


Project-based learning (PBL) is an instructional approach designed to give students the opportunity to develop knowledge and skills through engaging projects set around challenges and problems they may face in the real world. With an intention to develop the 21st century skills and holistic development of the students, there was a PBL presentation given by the students of class VII on the topic “Water-every drop counts”. Water is an essential part of life and vital for sustainability. The students of class VII demonstrated their knowledge and skills by creating section wise presentations. The students developed deep content knowledge as well as critical thinking, collaboration of different scholastic and co scholastic subjects, creativity, and communication skills. Project Based Learning unleashed a contagious, creative energy among students and teachers.

This provided an opportunity to the students to gain knowledge and skills by working for an extended period of time to investigate and respond to an authentic, engaging, and complex question, problem, or challenges related to the availability of water. The students showcased the properties of water and problems related to marine pollution and how to take care of marine life. They even presented the data of 5 rivers through the use of bar graphs. The element of Social Science included the information related to different river basins. The languages were an amalgamation of art integration where Goenkans presented a skit on save water, a melodious song in French and a poem presentation on rain in Hindi. The students concluded the presentation with a message that water conservation is the most cost-effective, environmentally sound way to reduce our demand for water and so each one of us must do our bit towards improving water management to enhance optimum use of water.

The students used their high order thinking skills and even learned to work as a team. The Head mistress Ms. Shalini Tandon appreciated the efforts of the students and stressed upon the fact that each drop of water is precious and we should save water to protect mother nature.