(JUNE 05, 2021)

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself”

                                                                                                                – Henry Ford

G D Goenka Public School, Sec-48 organized an Online Vision Alignment Parents Teachers Meeting through Google Meet on June 05, 2021 for the parents of Middle and Senior Wing. The main objective of the meeting was to create a common platform, to apprise parents about the school’s vision for the upcoming term. 

Parents were familiarised with the school’s earnest desire to devise ways that will enrich the students’ learning experience. A presentation was made which encompassed all that had been achieved till the summer break and which also displayed all that had been planned till the term examination in September. 

Parents were informed about the various tests and assessments to be conducted by the school, which included the newly introduced Previous Learning Tests and Competency Based Learning. Parents were requested to ensure that their ward keeps up with and regularly attends all the classes, including the co-scholastic classes including clubs and PE. Many points related to how the student can manage his/her time effectively and can ensure steady learning n the given situation, were also discussed. Parents were satisfied to know about the detailed plans made for holistic and wholesome development of the students.  

Overall, parents were very encouraging and supportive, and were extremely appreciative of the efforts taken by the Management, our respected Principal Ms Anuradha Handa, and the teachers. They acknowledged that teachers have put in their sincere best in providing continuous guidance for their children. They also appreciated the opportunities of the various activities their ward gets to participate in, even during these times. The meeting was applauded by parents through messages and e-mails.