(APRIL 04 TO 06, 2021)

‘Education is a shared commitment between dedicated teachers, motivated students and enthusiastic parents with positive expectations.’

GDGPS, Sector 48 upholds the virtue of not only defining but also refining the learning experiences of the Goenkans. For this to be a structured and tangible progress, the school warmly welcomes the involvement of parents and appreciates their suggestions as a measure to strength the two-way communication with them.  Being adept at moving ahead on the learning and communication curve simultaneously, the school welcomed into its fold the new entrants into the Goenkan family along with their parents while conducting Subject Narrations on the other hand to take the academic session of 2021-22 ahead on the right note. April 4th 2021 witnessed a virtual Parent Induction Session for the Middle school wherein the students who were to be newly inducted into the working of the school were invited along with their parents. The teachers warmly welcomed them onboard and handheld them into the rules and regulations of the school.

The next step was to familiarize them with the G-Suite platform and the components of the Classroom. The students and parents alike were shown the step-by-step procedure to log into the classroom and were explained the procedure of turning in of assignments. The viewers were highly impressed with the components of education based on GSuite.

The subject mentors for all the Goenkans in the Middle Wing utilized April 5th and 6th 2021 for in-depth Subject Narrations. Each subject mentor introduced the students to the curriculum design and progression of the syllabus while stressing upon the work ethics the students would be expected to adhere to in the academic session. The students welcomed the Subject Narration as the sessions were interactive and engaged the students in various interesting activities and mind-work. The purpose being these narrations was achieved, as the students felt enabled after being introduced to the academic path and hence felt better prepared. These sessions were productive and engaging.