Parent Google Meet-Primary Wing


Aimed at aligning teaching and learning methods with the skills needed in the future, the GDGPS team organised the first collective meet with the parents of Primary Wing giving them the time, support and a bond of trust they may thrive on, in the academic session 2021-22.

The session was structured into a format of presentation around systems, collaborative planning, curriculum, teaching and learning, and assessment from June to September,2021. The mentors of respective classes from Nursery to class V, threw light on the new model of Education 4.0 wherein authenticity, connectivity, productivity and possibilities are the foundation pillars for the young learners as well as parents.

The syllabus progression and assessment plans helped parents and teachers to understand and align with each other to ensure teaching learning continuity in the best possible way.

The sessions helped to empower students and parents with meaningful experiences that will enable them to become reflective practitioners and lifelong learners.