(OCTOBER 27, 2021)


The day when there were no doors to stop the children’s physical or creative senses.


After successful completion of Pre-Board exams, it was time for the conscientious Goenkans of grades X and XII to have some time to de-stress and unwind. The Open Learning Day on the day of the last examination on October 27, 2021, came as a whiff of fresh air for the students. Open Learning Day has been uniquely conceptualized by the principal, Mrs. Anuradha Handa to allow children to have a ‘no books’ time  after completing the rigors of their assessments examinations. 


The Activity and Sports teams took care to pack the time allotted for Open Learning with assorted fun filled activities. Class X had their HPE Assessment with their sports teachers, where they enjoyed by running, jumping and stretching their minds and bodies. It was a great opportunity for students who had been cooped up at home for a long time to release their energies. Class XII was taken care of by the Activity teachers who involved them in an activity titled “Ad-Mad”. They were divided into groups and created inspirational advertisements and jungles. 


The day served a dual purpose – it was a great stress-buster for the children who had just finished their examinations and at the same time, prepared them to take up the next leg of their academics with renewed vigour and enthusiasm.