(JANUARY 30 & FEBRUARY 02, 2024)

January 30 and February 02, 2024 were two remarkable days at G D Goenka Public School, Sector 48 Gurugram, where the spotlight was on our new admissions parent induction. Parents were warmly welcomed into the Goenkan family, setting the tone for a day filled with insights into the unique ethos and vibrant atmosphere of our school.

Headmistress Mrs. Harmeet Kaur's insightful address provided a glimpse into the commitment to excellence that underlines the Goenkan experience.

The journey continued with guided school rounds, allowing parents to explore our state-of-the-art facilities, classrooms, and specialized spaces. Witnessing firsthand the conducive learning environment and infrastructure fostered an appreciation for the holistic education we offer.

In our specially designed concept room, theatre, taekwondo, and activity studios, parents actively participated in various hands-on activities. These immersive experiences aimed to showcase not only our commitment to academic excellence but also the importance we place on holistic development.

Our little ones, the newest additions to the Goenkan family, were not left out. The day was designed to ensure that they, too, felt at home and engaged. It was heartening to witness the joy and enthusiasm of our youngest learners as they explored and participated alongside their parents.

We extend our gratitude to all the parents who joined us on this special day, contributing to the success of the event. At G D Goenka Public School, we believe in creating an educational ecosystem where every child thrives, and our parents are integral partners in this journey.