(MAY 15, 2024)


A poignant celebration unfolded on Mother's Day, where students of I B and II E came together to honor the remarkable women who shape their lives with boundless love and care. Mothers’ Day assembly was a testament to the profound appreciation and gratitude these students held for their mothers.


Following the Lord’s Prayer, the melodious strains of the Goenkan anthem filled the air, instilling a sense of pride and unity among the attendees. The highlight of the assembly was the mesmerizing performance by the students, who showcased their talents through soul-stirring renditions of songs and dance dedicated to mothers. Their heartfelt voices echoed sentiments of love, admiration, and appreciation for the unconditional support provided by mothers throughout their lives.


In essence, the Mother's Day assembly at II E and I B was a beautiful celebration of love, gratitude, and appreciation for the extraordinary women who enrich our lives with their unwavering love and support.