(APRIL 23 TO MAY 06, 2022)

Mindbox ICT 360 Degree curriculum Training sessions conducted for educators in the month of April- May, 2022. 20 hours training sessions were conducted by Mindbox ICT 360 Degree Team from April 23 till May 06, 2022. The head trainers from Mindbox team were Mr. Imran, Mr. Praksh Lall & Ms.Siddhi. ICT 360 degree is a system that enables learning of 21st Century Skills – Creative Thinking, Critical Thinking, Collaboration and Communication cited as a prerequisite by leading industries across the globe.

The new ICT curriculum is transforming students from Consumer to Creator, Creator to Creative and Problem Mindset to Solution Mindset through STREAM based Creative Education and Project Based Learning. Our IT team became experts in various STEM, AI & ICT based curriculum.  It's time to make a shift in the way learning occurs i.e. from Information Consumption to Knowledge Application and Creation. Training sessions were followed by successful registration on ICT portals.