(JULY 15, 2022)

The Leadership workshop conducted by Ms. Sanjana Seth along with her team member Mr. Danyaal of Augment London was held on July 25, 2022 at our school. The workshop consisted of many fun filled discussions for the students, along with productive learning about the various skills required for leadership. The students learned about the various leadership styles and had fruitful debates on our historical leaders and their approach to leadership. 

Several group activities were conducted, wherein they were timed on the tasks they performed, which enhanced their communication and time management skills. One such specific activity was when they were asked to discuss amongst their respective groups what objects they would carry, if deserted on an island. The students, without delay, were able to discover what they might need, with some even figuring out the possibility of escape from the island. They were also shown the video of Martin Luther King Jr.’s famous speech ‘I Have A Dream’ and were asked to interpret his way of speaking and attracting the audience. Although the students had many different judgments over this specific question, all had an understanding of the fact that empathy and compassion are two major qualities of a leader. 

Ms. Sanjana also elaborated on the Student Council and provided the students with a comprehensive insight about the various qualities they shall be acquainted with, when applying for the Student Council programme. Overall, the workshop was extremely beneficial for the students and they were able to strengthen their teamwork, interpersonal and problem solving skills.