“Engaging kids is about growth and accomplishment not just to keep the kids busy.”

G D Goenka Public School, Sector 48, Gurugram aims to nurture the children to become confident, sensitive, socially committed and well-rounded individuals, equipped to become young envoys of progress. With this aim in mind, the school has launched its Centre of Excellence Program, 2022 which focuses on holistic development. Our pedagogy consists of attention to creativity in the form of Thoughtful Clubs, Music, Dance, Art and Theatre and Sports to which our students are exposed in equal measure. 

With an aim to give our students a vista to the COEP week coming ahead, the COEP launch was done by the teachers in their respective classrooms. Students were taken through a detailed presentation of all the activities related to various clubs - Patriotic Me, Maverick Me (Team building and leadership), and Responsible Me that the students would be participating in. Details of the Sports, MDAT activities and swimming sessions were also shared with the students. 

The Goenkans were super excited and looked forward to coming to school each day to participate in the fun-filled and exciting activities. The students received the presentation well and it served the purpose of assuring them that they will enjoy and learn new skills during the COEP at GDGPS.